Consulting Services

Do your lakes have shoreline erosion problems?  We have the solution!

Our consultation package includes:

  • On site meeting to discuss your needs
  • Custom proposal with itemized work and pricing
  • Detailed satellite diagram showing scope of work
  • Construction methodology
  • Case studies to back up our recommendations
  • Optional P.E. stamp if needed for permitting

How we benefit you:

  • We provide a separate proposal without pricing in case you need to solicit RPF’s from other contractors
  • Permitting assistance available if the work requires an LDO or variance from the city or county
  • Our hardened and non-hardened shoreline systems are based on our 3-stop proprietary system recognized by engineers and HOA’s as the most effective in our industry
  • As a design-build company, we provide a dedicated Project Manage who isn’t juggling a hundred other accounts
  • No other company has a Specialty Certified Marine Contractor’s License and county Landscape Contractor’s License which authorizes us to legally install plants AND hardened shorelines

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