Project Description

Indigo Lakes is a luxury, gated community in North Naples. They approached us for solutions to their shoreline erosion, we recommended an engineer, the engineer sent out an RFP, and we assisted throughout the process at no charge. This fostered a healthy HOA-contractor relationship from the get go and we were awarded the contract to repair all shorelines on all of their lakes. It will be about a 3 year process to complete. Their engineers specified rip rap for their worst sections (large escarpments and steep slopes) for immediate erosion control. They also specified our Hybrid Shell System for all other shorelines. Our proprietary blend of fill, graded and compacted, provides a stable foundation for our shell. The shell assists with immediate erosion control while the newly-planted littoral shelf colonizes. We are in the process of developing some 3-year and 5-year case studies to showcase this new and exciting system!