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Erosion Products

Seabreeze Organic Shoreline System

Turf Reinforcement Mat comes in two basic forms: biodegradable and non-biodegradable.  It is sometimes used by itself- installed over compacted fill dirt.  Other times it is used in conjunction with littoral plantings.  We have developed our own biodegradable system that incorporates a double-layered natural matting with biodegradable pins [...]


We were the first contractor to utilize crushed shell as an erosion control system in SW Florida.  It is a very effective aggregate that looks natural, allows for littoral growth, and compacts more and more with time.  Coupled with a newly-planted littoral shelf, the system becomes more effective [...]

Rip Rap

Our rip rap erosion control system consists of a poly-woven mat that is installed on the lakeshore with 6-12” rip rap placed on top.  Our proprietary installation method is endorsed by engineers throughout Lee and Collier counties and also supported by a 5-year case study. A native white-grey [...]


This product (Flexamat®) is manufactured in the Midwest and used extensively in Southeastern states as a viable erosion control option.  It creates a hardened shoreline system that can work in conjunction with littoral plants or hydroseeding.  It is comprised of concrete muffins poured within a polypropylene type of [...]


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