Geotube Failures in Southwest Florida

Why You Shouldn’t Use Geotubes for Erosion

Why You Shouldn’t Use Geotubes for Erosion

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What is a Geotube System?

What is a Geotube System?

Geotube is a system in which woven fabric tubes are filled with lake-bottom sediment or organic matter and laid on top of each other along a shoreline to help stabilize the bank.

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So what’s wrong with Geotubes:

So what’s wrong with Geotubes:

  • Contrary to popular belief, sod does not cover up geotubes because the fill dirt underneath the sod simply washes out from under it, leaving the sod to die a slow, gruesome death. (see pictures)
  • We have seen some companies fill their geotubes with pine straw – an organic filler that biodegrades in a few years or less and leaves flat, ineffective tubes behind. The entire lakeshore must be redone.
  • Other erosion control companies also fill the geotubes with lake-bottom sediment, allow it to dry, and then slice the tubes open to leave behind the sediment. This restores the banks back to their original state, right? Wrong! The loose sediment simply washes back down into the bottom of the lake after a little rain.

“Our old geotubes have separated from the shoreline and are floating like logs out in the lake.” ~ Wes, Board Member, Country Creek

It’s Not Just Us…

Engineers Hate Geotubes Too!

“I don’t like using those [geotubes] because if the cover atop of either of those bank solutions wears or dies off – then the fabric becomes exposed and when the water level drops – they are unsightly in my opinion… That is why I prefer the more natural and less costly/invasive approach of re-grading/compacted crushed shell and robust littoral plantings for bank restoration and stabilization.”
– Richard B., Professional Engineer in Fort Myers, FL

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