, Littoral Shelf

A littoral is a Florida-native plant that is used to being flooded part of the year.  There are many species of littorals- some preferring to be under water one month per year, while others can grow completely submerged their entire life.  These plants grow and colonize along lake, pond, river, and canal shorelines.  Their roots hold dirt and rock in place which prevents erosion from rising and falling water levels.  There are both fresh water and salt water littoral species.


  • Natural-looking
  • Produce beautiful blooms which can attract butterflies
  • County municipalities encourage them to be planted
  • Hold in the shoreline, preventing erosion
  • Benefit the overall health of lake and pond ecosystems and water quality
  • Eliminate contaminants in the water and produce oxygen
  • Fulfills compensatory planting guidelines when installing hardened shoreline in other areas


  • Does not provide immediate erosion control
  • Lake maintenance company must be capable of leaving healthy littorals alone while spraying unwanted exotics (we are not a maintenance company unfortunately)

Why choose us to plant your littorals:

  • We use only rooted, healthy littoral plants.  Not tiny cuttings.
  • Our plants are pre-treated with a proprietary formula for immediate establishment
  • Full colonization is usually achieved in 18-24 months
  • Replacement warranty
  • We are licensed landscape contractors in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte with horticulturists on staff
  • We also have a state-registered nursery in which we propagate our own natives and hybrids

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